Facial Rejuvenation

Beauty begins from the inside out. Facial Acupuncture is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine whereas the face reflects the overall balance and health of the entire body.

Acupuncture Facials are therapeutic and effective treatments designed for each individual. The treatments generally consists of 8 steps: Consultation, Green Tea Wash, Traditional Chinese herbal mask, acupuncture on the body, face and ears, facial acupressure and massage, personalized products for the skin, stress release and breathing exercises, and diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Facial treatments are restorative for the mind and body and can slow the effects of the normal aging process and leave the complexion more radiant. They address the actual causes of skin aging by correcting underlying imbalances. Facial Rejuvenation is a non-surgical treatment and requires less recovery, less risk and is less expensive than more traditional procedures. Improvements are subtle and can last 3-5 years with maintenance.


For the face: Detoxifies the skin, targets and reduces fine lines, smoothes wrinkles and softens deeper wrinkles, re-hydrates skin, lifts and firms sagging skin, encourages lymph drainage and reduces puffiness, increases collagen and elastin production, decreases under-eye bags, lightens dark circles, improves complexion, tightens skin and pores, lifts and firms face, skin, and neck and improves the overall quality of the skin tone which results in a more vibrant and rejuvenated effect.

For the body: increases energy and sense of well-being, improves digestion, emotional balance, reduced or eliminated insomnia, and minimizes overall stress on the body and face.

A course of 10 treatments is recommended for maximum improvement.